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Clean the dust on the condenser. Check the air conditioning tensioner and adjust the tension of the air conditioning belt. Check the ventilation and regularly maintain the lengthening arm of the excavator. Buy the oil for the hydraulic system of the whole vehicle: (2.5 times the volume of the hydraulic oil tank), filter element, washing oil, 3kg flour, rope, oil plug for sealing the hydraulic oil pipe (prepared according to the oil pipe on the oil changing excavator), a steam pump and large and small empty oil drums, etc. In case of an irregular lease relationship, the lessor has the right to require the termination of the lease contract at any time. 3 times
EPS line is composed of foamed polystyrene board + alkali resistant glass fiber mesh + special crack resistant mortar for EPS line, which can isolate air and control heat transfer. The carbonized layer produced in the combustion process plays a flame retardant role. It is a new type of exterior wall decorative lines and components, which is more suitable for installation. External wall EPS and XPS insulation can not only reflect the European classical and elegant decorative style, but also ensure that the external wall of the main building will not have the effect of bridging cold and hot. The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation, economy and durability.
Strong membrane, strong glue and strong composite, complementary advantages and give play to the synergistic waterproof effect.
It is not affected by temperature change, cold and heat resistance, and is not affected by humidity and acid rain. It has excellent weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance and other environmental factors, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.
High strength, high elongation, strong impact and puncture resistance.
EPS line takes demoulded B2 fireproof polyethylene as the main body and alkali resistant glass fiber mesh as the special bonding protective layer.
First of all, windows can be opened for ventilation, which is a simple and practical method for EPS line to dissipate peculiar smell.
Some charcoal bags, orange peel, etc. They are stacked in the room, so that the smell of EPS lines can be absorbed, and there is a process when this method takes effect.
Fruits, including green plants, can also help us remove the smell of EPS lines, such as jackfruit, which smell very strong. Cut the jackfruit and put it in the room. The smell in the room will be absorbed in a few days.
With the rapid development of building energy conservation, the selection of EPS board external thermal insulation, but architects are worried about whether it will affect the realization of facade effect. EPS decorative lines completely dispel the concerns of architects. Not only that, they can also allow architects to design shapes at will and form a fit with the external insulation wall.
Easy to install. Using special bonding materials and methods, one person can install and construct, especially for large parts that only need to be bonded and installed.
The decorative lines are smooth and beautiful, and there is no gap between the lines. Because the gap repair material was used between the two lines, the gap disappeared. There will be no cracks in future use.
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