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来源:http://www.aswjc.com/ 发布人:aisaiwen 发布时间:2022-06-07

GRC member is a kind of fiber cement composite material which is widely used. It has the same performance and service life as concrete. It is a recyclable green building material. It is generally used in these buildings to decorate houses and buildings. Let's learn about the characteristics of GRC components and the content of construction steps.
Properties of GRC components
Penetration resistance. Refers to the ability to resist water seepage. If the impermeability is poor, the building reinforcement in GRC members is easy to be corroded, thus endangering the service life of the members. The main factors affecting the impermeability are the concrete type, gravel particle size and mix ratio, concrete water cement ratio and the compactness of GRC components.
Cold resistance. Under the condition of water saturation, GRC module can reduce the freezing damage during freezing. This is because there are many identical or unconnected pores in GRC members, which become water vapor channels and water storage hubs. When GRC members are saturated, they will freeze. The internal moisture is frozen, and the volume can absorb 8%, resulting in pore expansion and tensile stress. So by melting. In the freezing system, when the tensile stress exceeds the compressive strength of GRC members, microcracks are gradually induced to expand and connect with each other. GRC components are cracked and destroyed.
Corrosion resistance. It refers to the ability of GRC components to resist the corrosion of external corrosive substances under application conditions. Such as acid resistance. Erosion and carbonation of organic salt, alkali aggregate, etc. The erosion of such products will reduce the compressive strength of GRC members, or damage the structural volume of GRC members, affecting the service life.
Construction steps of GRC components
1. According to the construction drawing, the positioning (center line or side line) line will be popped up at the place where GRC components are installed.
2. When pasting GRC components in Jinan, the mesh shall be turned over. In case of special circumstances, it can be directly pasted without turning over. The thin-layer full adhesion method shall be adopted to paste and extrude EPS components, so that the mortar overflows on all sides, and the width of adhesive joint shall not be greater than 3mm. The glue joint shall be adhered to the hook, the mortar joint shall be full, and the surface of EPS components shall be kept clean.
3. For large GRC components, temporary fixed supports are required during installation.
4. During installation, if splicing is required, the dimension and angle of splicing shall be measured in advance, and pre splicing shall be carried out at a flat place with a gap of no more than 3mm. As the splicing bonding material, the mortar consistency can be large, and the thin-layer full bonding method is adopted. During splicing, it is required to use a hammer to gently squeeze evenly to make the mortar joint meet the requirements.
5. After the mortar joint is spliced, the mortar knife shall be used for flattening to integrate the GRC components. After drying, if there is excess bonding mortar at the joints of GRC components, it can be polished with sandpaper. After drying, it shall be treated with the special anti cracking glue for the splicing part of GRC components. For the treatment method, please refer to the instructions for the use of special anti cracking adhesive.
6. After the construction of GRC components in Jinan is completed, pay attention to the protection of finished products. It is strictly forbidden to step on or hit by heavy objects. In case of damage, the entire electric power steering system component shall be removed and reinstalled.
The installation steps of GRC European components are introduced in detail. I believe you already know that GRC components are very easy to use and can be seen in many places. Friends with ability can use GRC line for decoration and installation after purchasing a new house, which will make the whole house look very grand.
The characteristics and construction steps of GRC components have been summarized in detail in the above contents. A full understanding of the relevant information of the product can make our later use more smooth. Pay attention to our website www.aswjc Com to learn more.