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来源:http://www.aswjc.com/ 发布人:admin 发布时间:2020-06-22

  In recent years, with the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, architectural decoration has become a hot topic. GRC cement component, as a new type of exterior wall decoration material, has the advantages of small amount, high strength, good freeze-thaw resistance, strong plasticity and rich and diverse decorative shapes. It is widely used in new exterior decoration, old building reconstruction, external wall modeling hanging board, garden matching. Now Jinan GRC components follow you to understand the characteristics and performance of GRC components!
  1. Characteristics of GRC components
  (1) good simulation effect of decoration technology GRC building decoration components can be basically divided into six categories: European style decorative columns, various eaves lines, door and window top covers, door and window line covers, decorative decorations and simulation stones. Through the design of simulation, the designer achieves the noble and elegant architecture, simple and realistic, beautiful and spectacular, natural and simple.
  (2) the reverse development of light wall - GRC building decoration component, with thin, light and high strength, conforms to the reverse development of light wall in China. The main raw materials are alkali resistant glass fiber, low alkali cement, admixture, etc. they are high strength, water resistant, fireproof, anticorrosive and anti-aging, which not only have good simulation effect, but also are solid and durable, with a service life of more than 50 years.
  (3) environmental protection and energy conservation: GRC building decoration components are made of natural inorganic materials, tasteless and non radioactive, which are green building materials; there is no "three wastes" discharge in the production process, which not only saves energy, but also has no pollution to the environment.
  (4) simple construction technology - GRC building decoration component type, specification, pattern, people-oriented. The components are designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the owner. Although there are different specifications, all the components are embedded in the production process. During the construction, the expansion bolts are fixed, saving time, labor and labor, reducing costs and expenses.
  2. Main performance of GRC components
  1. GRC components are made of special low alkali cement and special glass fiber composites by many processes. They have the advantages of high strength, anti-aging, light weight, diversified molding, simple construction, fire resistance, weatherability, acid and alkali resistance, etc. With the same performance and service life as concrete, it has become a new favorite of European architecture and landscape engineering. In the modeling application, because of its excellent performance, it stands out from ordinary gypsum decorative materials, glass fiber reinforced plastic and other modeling materials.
  (2) its main physical and mechanical properties, strength modulus 1.8-2.8 × 104m / ㎡, impact strength 15-25kg / m2, and compressive strength 4.7kg/m2.
  (3) GRC component mould is made of fiberglass and polished to make the component surface smooth and meet the requirements of design drawings.
  (4) in the process of production, through surface protection treatment, internal distribution of shockproof, crack proof glass fiber mesh uniform stress embedded reinforcement and sand slurry high-pressure spraying, soaking maintenance, and other processes.
  (5) before leaving the factory, its components shall be strictly checked at all levels of quality, and any unqualified products shall not be allowed to leave the factory. The notch of the member shall not be more than 4cm; the geometric dimension of the member shall not be more than ± 5mm of the standard dimension, which is qualified; each member shall not have concealed crack on the bottom of the transverse through member.
  The above is a detailed introduction to the characteristics and performance of GRC components. For more information, please click Jinan GRC components http://www.aswjc.com Official website.