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GRC构件的施工想必很多人都不陌生,主要是有“亮缝”和“暗缝”两种方法。亮缝是指GRC材料按照图纸设计要求和一定的建筑模量进行拼装,在接缝口预留12~20mm的天 然接缝,达到的装饰效果。“暗缝”处理方法需要修复GRC材料的接缝,达到整体光滑统一的装饰效果。
The construction of GRC components must be familiar to many people, mainly including "bright joint" and "hidden joint". Bright seam refers to GRC materials assembled according to the drawing design requirements and a certain building modulus, and 12 ~ 20 mm natural seam is reserved at the seam to achieve the decorative effect“ The "hidden seam" treatment method needs to repair the joints of GRC materials to achieve the overall smooth and unified decorative effect.
Construction method: after the GRC raw material is assembled, the interface is removed, and the sulphoaluminate cement, building glue, acrylic emulsion and alkali resistant primer chemical fiber are mixed into a thick compound according to the 1:0.2:0.05:0.02 (net weight ratio). The connector shall be repaired and clamped to the GRC surface at 2mm. After 72 hours, remove the dust on the connector, then introduce Epoxy Mastic sealant and carry out scratching.
GRC raw material composition
The basic characteristics of GRC are concrete, crushed stone, chemical fiber and water. In addition, there are also polymers, preservatives and other raw materials used to improve the characteristics of the middle and later stage.
Concrete: generally used in GRC concrete, the key are hard sulphoaluminate cement, low pH sulphoaluminate cement, general fly ash cement and white fly ash cement.
Chemical fiber: the chemical fiber used as raw material of GRC components must be alkali resistant glass fiber, including alkali resistant glass fiber roving, alkali resistant glass fiber staple yarn and alkali resistant glass fiber mesh. European countries stipulate that the moisture content of zirconia used in glass fiber should not be less than 16.5% in GRC, while China stipulates that the moisture content of zirconia used in general fly ash cement should not be less than 16.5%.
Polymers: generally added polymers are acrylic latex or acrylic resin prepolymer moisturizing lotion.
Superplasticizer: generally, reasonable admixtures, tackifiers, retarders, early strength agents, concrete antifreeze, antirust oil and other superplasticizers can be selectively added. When the commodity contains raw materials of building steel bars or steel embedded parts, calcium chloride based superplasticizer can not be used.
Other raw materials: a part of pyrolysis specific raw materials can be selectively added to improve the comprehensive performance of GRC products, such as compressive strength, impermeability grade and service performance.
Daily maintenance of GRC raw material prefabricated components:
1、尽量减少尘土和污垢,假如表层有尘土或废弃物,能够 用吸尘机来清理,并保证吸尘机是软毛刷,由于硬刷将会会刮伤板岩。
1. Try to reduce the dust and dirt, if there is dust or waste on the surface, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean it, and ensure that the vacuum cleaner is a soft brush, because the hard brush will scratch the slate.
2,安裝后应尽早盖公章:海象能够 做为保护层厚度,能够 是一个好方法避免尘土和污垢的内容和板岩中的水挥发,不然,当它与气体中的化学物质产生反映会导致危害。
2. Seal the seal as soon as possible after installation: walrus can be used as the thickness of protective layer, which is a good method to avoid dust and dirt content and volatilization of water in slate. Otherwise, when it reacts with chemical substances in gas, it will cause harm.
3. No need to touch raw oil: as raw oil or waste will cause dirt on sandstone background wall, if touched, clean it as far as possible.
4、防止应用瓷砖清洁剂开展清理,由于它会使地砖退色,运用整洁的薄布和温开水,常常开展擦洗能够 避免危害化合物的堆积,并危害表层。GRC原材料工程施工铺贴解决方式:GRC原材料工程施工铺贴可选用“裂开”和“暗缝”解决方式。说白了“亮缝”,就是指GRC原材料依照施工图设计规定和一定的工程建筑应变速率开展组装,在接缝处口预埋12~20mm的纯天然接缝处,做到的装饰设计实际效果。“暗缝”解决方式修补GRC原材料的接缝处,做到总体实际效果!
4. To prevent the use of ceramic tile cleaning agent to carry out cleaning, because it will make the floor tiles fade, the use of clean cloth and warm water, often carry out scrubbing, can avoid the accumulation of harmful compounds, and harm the surface. GRC raw material engineering construction paving solution: GRC raw material engineering construction paving can choose "crack" and "hidden joint" solution. To put it bluntly, "bright joint" means that GRC raw materials are assembled according to the construction drawing design regulations and a certain engineering construction strain rate, and 12 ~ 20 mm pure natural joint is embedded in the joint to achieve the actual decorative design effect“ Hidden seam "solution to repair GRC raw material joints, to achieve the overall actual effect!
The above is the GRC component of the importance of seam treatment and routine maintenance methods, I believe that through the description of this article, you can gain, I hope the above content can help you. In addition, if you want to know more about it, you can pay more attention to our website.