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GRC components and cement components are widely used in daily construction production. We can compare their composition, performance and application.
1. Material composition
GRC is a kind of composite material composed of Polish cement mortar and alkali resistant glass fiber. Its basic materials are cement, sand, fiber and water. In addition, polymer and additives are added to improve the later performance of the material.
Cement: the cement commonly used in GRC mainly includes fast hardening sulphoaluminate cement, low alkalinity sulphoaluminate cement, ordinary portland cement and white portland cement.
Fiber: the fiber used in GRC material must be alkali resistant glass fiber, including alkali resistant glass fiber roving, alkali resistant glass fiber chopped yarn and alkali resistant glass fiber mesh. European and American countries require that the zirconia content of glass fiber used in GRC shall not be less than 16.5%, and domestic requirements shall not be less than 16.5% when using ordinary portland cement.
Polymer: the commonly added polymer is acrylic emulsion, that is, acrylate copolymer emulsion.
Admixtures: generally, admixtures such as superplasticizer, plasticizer, retarder, early strength agent, antifreeze, antirust agent can be added selectively. When the products contain steel reinforcing materials or steel embedded parts, calcium chloride based admixtures shall not be used.
Other materials: some pozzolanic active materials can be added selectively, which is conducive to improving the comprehensive performance of GRC products, such as strength, impermeability, durability, etc.
However, the cement component is relatively simple, which is mainly composed of cement, sand, river stone, water and so on. Compared with them, the composition of GRC component is relatively complex. Therefore, the properties of GRC are better than that of cement.
Advantages of GRC components over general cement components
2. Material properties
Cement component has the characteristics of high strength, strong weather resistance, convenient construction and maintenance, high cost performance.
GRC has the following advantages:
① Light weight and high strength: the volume density of GRC is about 1.8-1.9,8mm, the weight of thick standard GRC plate is only 15kg, the compressive strength is more than 40MPa, and the bending strength is more than 34mpa, which greatly exceeds the requirements of international standards.
② Short construction period, convenient maintenance and easy replacement: GRC can be divided into large blocks for production, simple and diverse installation methods, and all of them are factory prefabricated, which is conducive to site construction and greatly shortens the construction period.
③ Fire and waterproof: GRC raw materials are all incombustible materials, which are tested as class A1 fire-resistant materials; after long-term immersion in water, the shape and safety coefficient of GRC materials change little, and the structure and performance do not change.
④ Anti pollution, non deformation and super durability: the dry and wet deformation of GRC material is less than 0.123%. Through a large number of experiments, GRC has super durability, is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, can stand the wind, the sun and the rain, and its weather resistance is far higher than the general building materials.
⑤ Environmental protection, no radiation: GrC is a renewable material, which is conducive to environmental protection. The raw materials do not contain radioactive nuclear elements, which are class a environmental protection materials with national radionuclide content.
⑥ Infinite plasticity: GRC products are made by mixing raw materials in a certain proportion, casting and forming in the mold, which can produce products with various shapes and textures. According to the different needs of customers and designers, we can carry out any artistic modeling to achieve the designer's design dream perfectly.
⑦ Ultra thin technology and large size: GRC board can be made of 5mm at the thinnest, 900mm and 1200mm in standard width, unlimited in length, and can be made of 5mm to any thickness and size if the transportation conditions are met.
⑧ Good texture and texture: GRC product surface can be made into sandblasting surface, litchi surface, glossy surface and other texture effects, as well as strip, hollow, relief and other texture effects.
⑨ Rich colors and diverse shapes: GRC products are made of homogeneous transparent mineral materials, which can produce different colors and shapes according to customers' needs.
⑩ Good sound insulation and seismic resistance: according to the thickness of GRC material and different surface treatment methods, good sound insulation and absorption effect can be achieved. In addition, its light weight and high strength make it more resistant to seismic impact than other materials.
Advantages of GRC components over general cement components
3. Material use
Cement components can be divided into cement color brick, cement pipe fitting, cement cover plate, special-shaped cement component, curbstone, manhole cover plate of retaining wall, reinforced concrete floating up, lawn brick, pavement brick, aerated brick, cable cover plate, inspection port, curbstone, etc., which are commonly used in life.
GRC components are mostly used for external decoration of buildings. GRC roman columns, GRC door and window covers, GRC decorative lines, etc. are all GRC components. GRC decorative components are widely used in the exterior wall decoration of various villas, hotels, residences and business buildings, especially for the complex European style buildings.
The above is about the "advantages of GRC components". The information is provided by Jinan GRC components. For more information, please click the official website http://www.aswjc.com.